Claigan Souterrain, Isle of Skye

A good walk to a very muddy souterrain.
People driving down the single track road by Dunvegan Castle are usually heading for the stunning Coral Beach which can be reached from the car park at the end of the road. From the carpark, instead of taking the footpath towards the beach, there is a very good track which leads up the hillside and then the souterrain is a short walk from near the end of the track.
Many outlines of settlements and enclosures can be seen in the area around the souterrain, probably dating from prehistoric times up until more recent centuries.

1Claigan Souterrain
Track up to Claigan souterrain, looking back towards Loch Dunvegan
2Claigan Souterrain a. (1280x960)
Souterrain comes into view
3Claigan Souterrain a. (12) (1280x960)
4Claigan Souterrain a. (2) - Copy (1280x960)
Just inside the entrance

The entrance was so low I had to lie down and edge my way in on my tummy, pulling myself along the very muddy floor, head first, with the torch out in front of me – must remember to buy a head torch for future excursions into souterrains!

Once inside, the passage opened out more, but it was still very cramped and the ceiling was too low to be able to move along easily. In fact, with the tiny entrance several metres behind me and the end of the passage appearing to taper in, rather than end in a round chamber, the whole effect was very claustrophobic – certainly too claustrophobic for me to linger for long and this was one souterrain I was quite glad to get out of.

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