Cairn Holy, Galloway

Cairn Holy 1 i

Two early neolithic tombs set on a hillside above Wigtown Bay. They are known as the Clyde, or Clyde – Carlingford type, found in S.W. Scotland and N.E. Ireland, with their curved court area at the front and portal stones leading to the 2 chambers inside.
Only 150 yards apart, you come across Cairn Holy 1 first, with it’s very impressive curved facade and 2 high portal stones leading to it’s chambers.

Cairn Holy 2

Cairn Holy 2 is a short walk up the track and although it lacks the monumental court facade of CH1 it is an impressive sight, with it’s large capstone still covering the inner chamber.

Cairn Holy revisited Mar 2017

An unexpected detour along the coast road between Newton Stewart and Gatehouse of Fleet took us past the narrow road that winds steeply up the hill to Cairn Holy. We couldn’t drive past without another visit to this most impressive court cairn, one of the best preserved in Scotland.

Cairn Holy 1 Revisited (4)

The late afternoon sun showed up the shallow cup-like hollows carved into the two portal stones.

Had we been there two days earlier, on the spring equinox, we could have witnessed the sun setting in the gap between the two portal stones.
Cairn Holy 1 Revisited (1)

Cairn Holy 1 Revisited (5)
Viewed from the west, showing the length of the long cairn which would have covered the chamber and stretched out from the tomb.

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