Drumtroddan Standing Stones & Rock Art

Rock Art and Standing Stones on The Machars

The Machars – a low-lying coastal plain of fertile farmland in the west of Galloway

Drumtroddan Standing Stones

In an elevated position near Port William is a row of what would have been three very impressive standing stones. Unfortunately, only one is left standing, the one in the foreground having fallen down a few years ago. It was tilted at quite an angle and when you see the tapered end that had been in the ground it’s maybe surprising that it stood for so long.  It’s noticeable that there is much less lichen and weathering on that part of the stone.
The stones are all about 10ft high, aligned NE-SW and have commanding views of the surrounding countryside.

Drumtroddan Cup and Ring Marks

The rock art is about 400 yards away but accessed from Drumtroddan Farm.
There are three outcrops of rock, two in the field, which are surrounded by iron fences to protect them from livestock, and the other is in the coppice at the edge of the field. At first glance I was slightly disappointed as the markings were quite faint on the lichen-covered stones but once I started to look more closely I could see that most of the exposed rock surfaces were covered in many cup marks, rings and concentric circles of various sizes. There is certainly a huge number of cup and ring marks crammed onto the rock that is visible and I’m sure there must be much more hidden under the grass.
It may not be as impressive as Kilmartin but it is a significant example of prehistoric rock art in the south of Scotland.


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