Torhouse Stone Circle

Near Newton Stewart in Dumfries and Galloway, Torhouse is one of the best preserved stone circles in Scotland and is reminiscent of the larger Castlerigg Circle in Cumbria.

Drumtroddan Stone Circle (2)

It is a complete circle of 19 granite boulders built on a raised platform and graded in height with the highest ones in the SE.
In the centre is a row of 3 stones – 2 upright boulders with a recumbent one in between. The centre area is slightly raised and very stony underfoot, indicating that the centre stones could have been set on a raised platform of stones. It is hard to tell, because according to Canmore, the centre of the circle had once been used as a dumping ground for field clearance.

Drumtroddan Stone Circle

Just up the road there is a row of 3 standing stones overlooking the circle and there are some other standing stones and remains of chambered cairns in the vicinty. It was obviously an important place for ceremonies and rituals during the late Neolithic or early Bronze Age times.

Some standing stones on the other side of the road

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