Ullinish Souterrain, Isle of Skye

This was my second attempt at finding this souterrain. Last time was in late summer and I set off from the car park for Dun Beag Broch (on the main road) instead of driving a little way down the Ullinish road. In summer the ground was so thickly covered with bracken that I thought it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack anyway.
In March there was no bracken (and no cows to be seen!) and the souterrain was obvious after a very short walk towards the north side of Cnoc Ullinish. The last thing my husband said to me when I set off was “don’t go inside anything”. He really should know me better! So here’s a slideshow of some of the photos I took.

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Access to the souterrain was very easy – just a case of crouching down to go through through the entrance and then it opened out immediately. The entrance and most of the tunnel are intact but the chamber has collapsed in and is indicated by a round hollow in the ground above. This hollow is surrounded by what appears to be the remains of a circular stone building and just beside this is the shape of a rectangular building. These are probably of later origin than the souterrain but perhaps the souterrain was being re-used hundreds of years later when these buildings were in use.

Hollow where collapsed chamber must be

The depression in the ground where the collapsed chamber would be. Also showing a circular structure around it.

Muirburn on Skye

On the way to the souterrain ~ muirburn on the moors above Bracadale made it look as if the flat-topped hill was on fire.

Possibly Lecidea lithophila

I saw this very distinctive lichen on nearby rocks. I’m not familiar with this one but it is possibly Lecidea Lithophila, the bright orange colour coming from the iron in the rocks.

Looking across to Ullinish and Loch Bracadale from Dun Beag Broch

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