Airidh an t-Sluic Souterrain, South Uist

Loch Sheileabhaig Souterrain  (1)

Another souterrain that was found on the second attempt. Situated in a rather bleak gully between Loch Sheileabhaig and Loch Sgioport on the rugged east coast of South Uist.
Most of it has collapsed in but parts of the stone-lined passage with roof lintels can still be seen.

Loch Sheileabhaig Souterrain  (2)

Loch Sheilabhaig Souterrain (4)

Scottish souterrains are usually situated next to or close by Iron Age round houses. Here the souterrain is at the foot of the cliff on the left and in the centre of the photo is the remains of what was probably a round house. Remains of a shell midden can also be seen.


Airidh an t-Sluic souterrain (1)

Caolas Liubharsaigh
The remote east coast of South Uist with the island of Rum on the horizon

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