Audleystown Dual Court Tomb

A double-ended tomb overlooking Strangford Lough in County Down

Audleystown Dual Court Tomb (3)
Showing one side of the cairn, with its revetment wall, forecourt and inner chambers

Audleystown is a good example of a dual court tomb and the layout is still very plain to see.
The wedge-shaped  cairn is nearly 27m long with a shallow forecourt area at each end and each forecourt has a gallery of 4 chambers leading in from it.
The long sides of the cairn are edged with neatly built dry-stone revetment walls.

Audleystown Dual Court Tomb (1)
The galleries leading inwards from each end of the cairn

Excavation in the 1950’s revealed much evidence of ritual. The bones of 34 people were found – 17 in one gallery and 17 in the other, some unburnt and some cremated.. The bones had been selected and placed in different parts of the chambers and some of the long bones and ribs had been carefully placed in parallel rows.

Audleystown Dual Court Tomb (2)
Primroses fill the burial chambers

Situated in an attractive position looking across the vast expanse of Strangford Lough

Strangford Lough

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