Carrowmore Neolithic Cemetery, Co. Sligo

Carrowmore (a)
The massive cairn of Listoghil viewed from one of the small tombs

Listoghil is the large tomb at the centre and highest point of the Carrowmore tomb complex. It was reconstructed in 2004 and shows what it would have originally looked like (at least, from the outside) with it’s large cairn of stones surrounded by kerb stones at the base.

There are about 30 smaller and simpler cairns surrounding Listoghil and these are typically a dolmen construction surrounded by a small stone circle, or in some cases, two circles. There were originally many more, perhaps about 80, and they would probably have been built by small groups of people at an earlier date than the building of the big, impressive passage tombs. It is quite likely that these tombs were never covered by a cairn.

Looking at Knocknarea from Carrowmore

Looking over the Carrowmore tomb complex is Knocknarea, with Miosgan Meadhbha (Queen Maeve’s Cairn) clearly visible on the summit.






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