Bru na Boinne ~ Knowth

A massive tomb and a profusion of megalithic art

Knowth is one of the three massive passage tombs that dominate the landscape at The Bend in the Boyne.
Knowth, Dowth and Newgrange were all built around the same time, within a few hundred years around 3,000 BC and are all a similar size of between 80 and 90m  in diameter.

The large tomb at Knowth, with 2 of the smaller tombs in front of it.

The large, central tomb is closely surrounded by 19 smaller tombs. These were already in existence when the large tomb was built and most of them have their entrances facing the summit of the hill. It’s very likely that the top of the hill was a large open space being used for rituals before the large tomb was built.

Some of the small tombs

Knowth contains two passages,  one with its entrance on the west and the other with its entrance directly opposite on the east side.

The western entrance. The tall standing stone is alligned with the entrance and the passage inside
Decorated kerbstone at the east entrance. Note the white quartz and the dark rounded pebbles outside each entrance

The two passages are aligned with the equinox sunrise and equinox sunset and ceremonies probably took place at the eastern entrance in the morning and at the western entrance in the evening.

The mound is surrounded by 127 large kerbstones, almost all of which are richly decorated, particularly the ones in front of the entrances.

Some of the decorated kerbstones


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