Sea Interludes 1: Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire Coast Path

A change from the usual subject as I’m stranded away from home during lockdown. Writing posts isn’t so easy because I don’t have my laptop with me. So, in the meantime, I’m just going to post a few photos from around the coast of Britain and Ireland (the coast is my natural habitat, after all). Starting with the stunning Pembrokeshire Coast Path opposite Skomer Island.

The road to the sea, with Skomer Island in the distance. From Marloes the road heads down to a promintory called the Deer Park, where you can access the coast path or take the boat over to Skomer.

The boat to Skomer and tankers in St Bride’s Bay waiting to go into Milford Haven
An incised cross set into a wall near the pier
Skomer from the Deer Park. A few centuries ago there was an unsuccessful attempt to introduce deer here. There are no deer but the name has stuck.
The neighbouring island of Skokholm. Like Skomer, it is a SSSI and important for it’s breeding seabirds

4 thoughts on “Sea Interludes 1: Pembrokeshire

  1. I don’t know this area well so good to see these photos. I sympathise with the difficulties posting without a laptop, I do have a tablet with me but a virtual keyboard is no substitute for a real one for more than a few sentences!


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