Sea Interludes 4: Ardtoe

The first few Sea Interludes posts were from West Wales and the west of Ireland. Now for the west of Scotland.

Well off the beaten track and tucked away on the northern edge of the Ardnamurchan peninsula, Ardtoe has a beautiful sandy beach set in a rugged rocky coastline. The colours are vivid and the deep blues of sea and sky contrast with golden sand and weathered rocks.

On the horizon are the hazy purple shapes of some of the islands of the Inner Hebrides

Island of Eigg in the background

There are views over to the Small Isles of Muck, Eigg and Rum

Zooming in on the Sgurr on Eigg.

Just up the coast is Castle Tioram, one of those romantic castles perched on islands, that you sometimes come across on the west coast of Scotland. It’s only 2 miles away as the crow flies, but over 6 miles by road. To get there we had to drive back to Acharacle, cross the bridge over the River Sheil and then take the narrow road which follows the river back to the sea.

Heading back to the sea, alongside the River Sheil

Castle Tioram (pronounced cheerum) means the dry castle and you walk across a sandy causeway to get to it. The tide came in while we were on the island and had covered part of the sandbar, so it was off with shoes and socks and a little bit of a paddle back to shore.

5 thoughts on “Sea Interludes 4: Ardtoe

  1. Wonderfully rich colours in these photos. The castles (actually tower houses) on the West Cork coast usually controlled the seaways they overlooked. Did Tioram have a similar role perhaps?


    1. It was certainly on a major seaway and on the trade route to the Hebridean islands. It also sits at the confluence of a sea loch and a river which give access by water to quite a distance inland. In the 14th century a tower house was built inside the original structure and you can just see the gables of this rising above the castle walls.

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